Big Thoughts from Little Brains

Anne Johnsos                                                   John Britton

 ​​Anne Johnsos is an award-winning journalist determined to document the “oofs” and “acks” of parenting. Let's face it: Kids inhabit an innocent kind of ass-hattery as they learn language and decorum. After years of recording the ways her kids interpreted the world, Anne realized their words needed pictures, so she reconnected with a fellow former performer from Yale who happens to be an illustrator, and POTTY-MOUTHED  was born.
John Britton is a new dad illustrating Anne's playlets on any piece of paper he can find without his son's bite marks or his daughter's drool. He's a published illustrator and an award-winning animator who got sidetracked by the law (as a copyright and trademark attorney and professor) but found his way back to his pen in the ​​​​POTTY-MOUTHED series. He also prefers to remain anonymous just in case no one likes the book.